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  • What is SuperBots?
    Superbots is a DeFi app created by the UpBots team that allows users to deposit their capital in trading vaults and earn profits based on the performance of the selected algorithm.
  • How does Superbots work?
    Superbots uses smart contracts to manage user funds and trades on DEXs via aggregators. Users can select a vault, deposit their capital, and receive MBXT tokens that represent their share of the pool. Then our vaults are receiving the signals and trade on DEXs.
  • Are your smart contracts audited?
    Yes, since the launch, we have been audited by solidproof, certik and with a bounty still available on Immunefi. We also follow the market and trends to be always at the forefront of security on our smart contracts.
  • Is there some risks ?
    Although the algorithms have built-in safeties, trading is always risky. Losses can occur in the case of negative trades. The goal of the algorithms is to be better than the market, but when the market goes down, it is possible that there will be losses. Consider algorithms in the long term and as a diversification tool in your portfolio.
  • What are the fees for using Superbots?
    The interface and deposits are free, and the withdrawal fees are generally 0.45%. Performance fees are only charged when profits are made, and no fees are charged if the vault has not exceeded its previous performance high - Concept of High-Water Mark.
  • What is MBXN?
    MBXN is the native token of Superbots. It is used to pay for fees and can also be staked in pools for additional rewards. You don't need to add MBXN in the vault, everything is automatic.
  • How to make a deposit?
    It is very simple. Just connect your Metamask, choose a vault and press Deposit. It's simple, and easy.
  • What kind of assets can I trade on Superbots?
    Currently, Superbots only supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but it is working on launching on Ethereum. Users can choose from different vaults with different algorithm and trading pair combinations. We are limited by the liquidity, that's why we are trading mainly on ETH, BNB, Cake & BTC.
  • What is the Supervault?
    The Supervault is a vault that automatically distributes capital among the top 5 performing vaults available, with monthly rebalancing. This allows users to invest in the best performing bots without having to constantly monitor them.
  • What is the minimum deposit to participate in Superbots?
    There is no minimum.
  • How can I get in touch with the Superbots team?
    You can get in touch with the Superbots team by joining their Telegram group at @upbots
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